Portraits FAQ

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We have listed below answers to some of the more common questions. However, should your answer not be below, please feel free to also let us know via the Contact us page. 

Why should we choose a professional portrait photographer?

Understanding each family is unique, we pride ourselves on creating photographs that represent your sense of style whilst maintaining a classic look. All creative and technical aspects are proven. What we create is artwork for you and your loved ones.

We are skilled to capture all of the candid and spontaneous moments. We are also able to create images that are of a composed nature, yet free from stiff posing or dull detail. We are committed to natural beauty and photographic perfection.

Making you feel at ease is our top priority. We help to guide you through the shoot to achieve the best results.

How much does a portrait session cost?

Our photographic sessions are priced at $199 with $100 credit towards prints and photographic products. Our most popular print products are framed fine art prints, canvas prints, coffee table books and fine art albums. Beautifully framed hand made prints start at $90. We have a full price list upon request. You will be advised before the session cost of each of our products. The final cost depends on you. Once you decide how many prints you want, what sizes you want and what display options you're after, we will provide you with an itemised list for your review before committing the purchase. There are no hidden costs.

How do we approach the styling of your portraits?

It is an interactive process in deciding the style of photography that you like. We'll have an initial discussion prior to the photographic session. Some clients have very specific styles in mind and many others are open to suggestions. We are able to cater for the full spectrum of your photographic needs.

How long is the photographic session?

Each session lasts for about 45 to 90 minutes depending on your specific requirements.

When should I book my pregnancy portraits?

We believe the best time for a pregnancy portrait session is usually around 34-37 weeks into the pregnancy. As babies tend to run on their own timeline, it's probably best not to leave it much later.

When is the best time to book a portrait shoot for my newborn?

It's better to aim for between 6-12 weeks after birth. This gives them enough time to form bonds and routines, allowing us to schedule a time that works within their needs.

Can you come to our home for portraits?

Of course. We aims to capture you and your loved ones in a comfortable environment. During initial consultation we'll work with you to determine the best place to achieve your desired results.

Do you offer makeup prior to the portrait session?

No. We aim to take natural, quality photography. However, should you wish to hire a professional make up artist for the shoot, we can certainly recommend someone for you.

What should we wear and bring to our portrait session?

It's not everyday you engage a professional portrait studio to capture your family's moments. For this reason it is important to prepare for your session. Here are some tips to help you prepare for clothing:

  • We recommend choosing classic clothing that will remain timeless in your photographs.
  • Plain clothing without logos works well. Try to avoid heavily patterned clothing and stripes as this can date.
  • Wear colours that compliment each other. For example you can all wear bright colours, white or black.
  • Neutral colours and denim work well.
  • Bring a second (or even third) set of clothes to change during the session. It adds variety to the photo shoots.
  • With small children/ babies bring an extra set of clothes. Bring warm clothing for children just in case.
  • With school-aged children, also bring along a set of sports jersey of their choice for posed action shots.
  • Bring along a favourite toy (but keep hidden).
  • Bring a towel in case they get wet at the beach.
  • Minimal makeup has a greater longevity in photographs.

What is the best location for my portrait shoot?

There are many locations to consider. The location you choose can reflect your personality and style.

About half of portrait sessions are shot at our own photographic studio at Turramurra.

Portrait sessions created in the comfort and privacy of your own home are also popular among our clients. This can be a great way to showcase your home. We can also include aspects of your home environment that may have special meaning to you.

A favourite landmark, beach or park provide beautiful natural backdrops and can often hold special meaning for you. There are plenty of parks and reserves located in Sydney North Shore to choose from. Other popular locations include:

  • Balmoral Beach offers versatility with a beach, rock, tree or grass backdrop. Enjoy a coffee after your shoot at Bathers Pavillion!
  • Lavender Bay offers beautiful trees, shade, large grassy areas. An ideal private garden setting
  • Blues Point Reserve has the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House as the back drop
  • The Rocks
  • Centennial Park and Sydney City
  • Bradley's Head

No doubt you would have your favourite location in mind, please contact us to discuss your ideas.

What time of day is best for my portrait shoot?

Sessions at our photographic studio can be done either morning or afternoon. We suggest that the best time for portrait shoots on location is in the afternoon light where we can shoot in shaded conditions. For newborn shoots in the studio or at home we suggest the morning. If you are choosing a home session, talk to us as each home location is unique.

How many people can be in our portrait shoot?

There is no limit to the number of people in your shoot, however one family per session is ideal as the photographer can maximize shooting time. Family pets are also welcome to be included and make a great addition to your family portrait.

Can we include our pets in our family portraits?

Pets can be such a big part of our lives. Including your pets in your portraits is a great idea. We suggest bringing treats and leads for easy management on the shoot.

How soon after the session does it take to get my photos?

An initial viewing will be set up for you to see your photos, usually around one week after the shoot. It then takes approximately 4-5 weeks from the end of your viewing for your finished portraits to be ready for collection.

Why choose ArcK Photography?

We are Accredited Professional Photographer and is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) who meets the high standards for skill, experience and professional business conduct.

We focus on capturing your family's style, whilst guiding you through your portrait session and make you feel at ease.

We pride ourselves for contemporary, stylish photography.

We have the ability to create fresh and exciting imagery for your home.

Your choice of our photographic studio, your home or your favourite local location.

Your choice of candid photographs created in fashionable and emotive colour and/or artistic black and white.

Choose from an array of products designed to suit your home and budget, including individual framed custom prints, canvases and hand made fine art albums.

We believe that all our clients deserve the very best value and service available. We provide both a highly personalised and tailored service to meet your individual needs, tastes and expectations, ensuring your treasured images will be enjoyed by generations to come. 

We are very price competitive, while maintaining the very best quality of production.

We are passionate about creating personalised family artwork.

Who owns the copyright on my photos? 

Whilst you privacy is always our top priority, the copyright for all photos remain that of ArcK Photography.

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